Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday Snippets : Dear Ruby

Dear Ruby,

Sunday Snippets is all about you this week. And sunshine. And being very cheeky ! 

Our holiday began and ended with  visits with you and your lovely Mumma. 

G teaching you to be cheeky !
Or cheekier ! You are such a funny lil thing.
So happy and chatty and involved in everything going on around you. 

You really are a dream to take out to lunch/brunch/dinner/ long as you can RUN afterwards. 

Back in Sydney post cruise and we explored - even taking a ride in teacups.
Which incidentally was a little too fast for me......not so much for you ! 

It's thirsty work being two and cheeky and cute. 

You have have SO many words now. You constantly amaze us with your new words and communication.
Here, you and G are having a great chat about the craft beer scene in Sydney.
You two....honestly you melt my heart lil one. 

No stranger to hotels, you went straight to the phone and ordered "spicy soup".

And that was two very quick visits. But, good news is, you and your Mumma are Melbourne bound....
THIS WEEK ! So, we'll have more opportunities for running in parks, learning new words and being ladies that lunch. 

See you soon sweet girl.

Dee xx

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Let's have a coffee...

Oh hi. How are you ? 

Thanks so much for calling in. The coffee machine is on.....would you like one ? 

Strong flat white with sugar ? Just like me ! 

So, what's news ??? Oh with me.....? So kind of you to ask....

Well, let me see.....

You know what I'm loving at the moment.......

Winter. I know, freezing as it's been the last two days. I do actually enjoy winter. One of the things I love about moving back to Melbourne is the four distinct seasons. For me, winter is embracing winters, boots, scarves and gloves. 
Toasty nights in with slow cooked meats and glasses of red. 
Melbourne makes an effort in Winter. There are shows to be seen, winters pubs and ales to be enjoyed. 
Mind you, it's the almost the perfect chance for a mid winter escape to somewhere sunny and warm.

Oh did I tell you I'm heading away on holiday? Yes ! A cruise to a warmer climate. 
Nothing to do but relax, read a good book, eat great food and hold hands with my lovely G. 
You're right. It's going to be just what I need and we are very lucky. 
To spend quality time with the woman I love without the distractions of phones, work and domesticity is a gift. I plan to enjoy every single moment.  

Hhmmmm the markets? Yes, going well. I do love running Northern Regards Artisan Market. It's our first birthday on July 5th did you know ? It's going to be a great day. Many talented stallholders, cake and champagne, befitting a birthday party. I'm really proud of us getting to our first birthday. It's a big learning curve but I'm loving it. 

Oh thankyou, yes, I crocheted that blanket for G's birthday. A labor of love. I'm so enjoying crocheting, especially in winter and nights on front of the tv watching Great British Bake Off. Are you crafting at the moment ? 

Oh wow, is that the time already ? 

Well thanks for popping over to the Inner North. Yeah, I love this Brunswick/Northcote/Thornbury area. So many great cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants. 

Thanks for popping in. Enjoy the rest of your day. 

Dee x 

Happy Birthday Northern Regards Artisan Market

I love hanging out with creative people. Take a problem throw in some coffee (or even better) wine or beer and soon the ideas, solutions and inspirations are flowing. The pen and paper comes out and you wake up next morning with a vague recollection of agreeing to something BIG. 

This was exactly what happened with the lovely Kate Campbell and I. 

A great conversation and (maybe) some wine and Northern Regards Artisan Market was born. 

And this week, she is one year old ! 

We made it ! We've survived our first year.....

 A BIG year of hard work, lessons learnt, new friends made and many, many laughs.

I'm extremely proud of our lil market. 

A market that is Melbourne's only market solely focused on sustainable handmade. 

A market in a pub - before everyone started doing it. 

A market on Northcote's high street. 

A market of highly curated, upcycled, recycled handmade stallholders. 

Every birthday requires a birthday that is exactly what we are doing on Saturday 5th July. 

There'll be cake, prizes and bubbles !! 

And there'll be a chance to say thank you to my market partner, trusted colleague and dear friend. 
Seriously, thank you and job well done Kate ! 

And roll on Saturday July 5th for a fantastic birthday market : 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Snippets

Sunday Snippets time again. 

A cold week.......winter has definitely arrived. 

A birthday to celebrate which meant : 
Brown paper packages tied up with string, crochet projects finished, a Stout. Coffee and Chocolate Battenberg cake to be baked and much fun to be had. 

The cake, requested by the birthday girl, was in response to watching Great British Bake Off. Marzipan and I are not friends, and I may have cursing dear Mary Berry whilst baking ! 

A night out at the Rocky Horror Picture Show ! Which was FANTASTIC.

Market day on Saturday where I co-hosted a lovely morning tea for some of my favourite bloggers

A big week and I am a bit weary. Some rest and relaxation is in order.

I hope you've had a great week.


Friday, 20 June 2014

To market, to market... Made 'n Thornbury June 21

My palms are sweaty, 
I have butterflies in my stomach,
The alarm is set for VERY early
And I'm excited! 

It must be the night before a market.

You would think that the nerves would have worn off by now. They haven't. 

Each market I'm still a jumble of nerves and excitement. 

Tomorrow, I'm also hosting a morning tea with some lovely bloggers. 

So really, I should be sleeping ! 

See you on the other side - feet up, content after a great market day, a glass of wine and cupcake at the ready. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sunday Snippets

Sunday Snippets that are just a lil late.....again ! 
This weekend just gone was one of those fabulous productive but restful glorious Melbourne Winter ones.
The kind that remind us why we moved back here.......

Busy week ahead as we celebrate a birthday and markets..... !
Happy Tuesday to you,


Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Melbourne : Craft 'n Craft

What : Craft 'n Craft a recycling craft workshop part of Good Beer Week
Where : Thread Den, Collingwood
Out of five : FIVE !

When first perusing the Good Beer Week guide, I was very excited to see an event with Two Birds Brewing.  These brews are Melbourne made by two talented women. Golden Ale was one of my first favourite craft beers. As my tastes developed, I've also come to appreciate the Sunset Ale. As for Taco.....well a beer that compliments some of my favourite food is a very good thing.

I was even more excited when I read further that this was a CRAFT beer and handmade CRAFT event.

The idea of a couple of very good beers while making was one that appealed to me greatly.

Thread Den's Collingwood venue leant itself perfectly to 30 odd crafters trying their hand at 3 different crafts.

We upcycled beer boxes into cute note books.

The bottle caps from the beers we were drinking became earrings.

Then origami hops flowers. Can I just tell you how difficult that intricate folding was after 2 delicious beers....

I loved this event. It was everything I love. Craft, excellent beer and upcycling.

Kate and I had a great day with like minded lasses AND a few lads.

I'm definitely looking forward to the event returning next year.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Trusting Your Intuition and something new......

One of the things I love about the craft community, is the generous sharing of information.
A willingness to teach. A real desire to see others succeed.

Unless you're stealing ideas. If that happens....... you are dead to us ! 

Recently I attended a Creative Arts Business Seminar led by Susan Nethercote as part of the Creative Arts Business Seminar series by Darebin Council. The seminar was fantastic. Susan took us through her journey from market stall to running her own retail shop in Northcote with her Manqué clothing label.

One of the topics I always find really interesting is the idea of success and how we define it. We are told by big business and society, that bigger is best. Have a market stall that is a successful and invariably everyone will tell you to open a shop.

As Susan's story tells, opening a shop or bigger shop or warehouse does not necessarily equate to a higher income or more importantly increased job satisfaction.  Susan eloquently relayed that each addition to your business means you are giving yourself  'a new job'. Furthermore, she cautions, you better make sure that you like that job !

Discovering that actually being a store owner with rent to pay and employees to hire, fire and manage was not the 'job' that Susan wanted, she refocused her business, moved to the country and started a new business. 

It's this willingness and ability to take on new challenges together with the ability to acknowledge where your strengths lie that inspires me.

The other key point that I took from Susan's presentation is to trust your intuition.

Which is right now is leading me to start a new venture. To  support and help others grow and achieve their crafting dreams.

Craft Your Social Media Workshops : Whatever your social media needs are, I will come to you and establish the social media platforms to successfully promote your handmade business in your own time and pace.  The workshops are available to book through my bigcartel store. 

I'm excited to launch a new venture. To take all the lessons I have learnt over the last few years and help others. 

Excited. Also a little scared. However, my intuition, and initial feedback, tells me that I am on the right path. 

Wish me luck......

Monday, 9 June 2014

Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris and glitter.....

It was 2003, New York and it was cold.

We were standing inline at the Half Tix booth in Times Square deciding which show we should buy tickets for later that night. 

And then I saw it. HUGH JACKMAN plays PETER ALLEN in THE BOY FROM OZ !

It was decided. I convinced G that it was the ONLY show to see and tickets were purchased. Tickets, I might add, so high and back from the stage that I almost got vertigo just getting to them.

But then Hugh sasheyed onto that stage and had us captivated for over 2 hours. 

I cried when he and the chorus belted out I Still Call Australia Home. I stood with the rest of the audience for a thunderous and thoroughly well deserved standing ovation.

Here was a story of an Aussie boy done good being playing by another Aussie boy under the 'bright lights of Broadway...' It was songs I had grown up listening to. 

Not only was this the story and music of an Aussie icon, but an Aussie icon who was gay. For the girl that was about to go home with her new found lesbianism in her backpack  this was a big deal. 

As we left the theatre with tears in our eyes and a song on our lips, we overheard a conversation between two American teenagers. It seems the young man had been lured to the show with the promise of seeing Hugh Jackman in a more, shall we say masculine role. 

"That is not what was I expecting from Wolverine!" I can't believe you made me watch that!"

I can't help thinking after watching the Tony awards today that another actor playing a strong gay character might just prompt a similar response. {Watch the Youtube clip at the end of this post!}

In Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Neil Patrick Harris plays a transgender punk rocker who's the victim of a botched sex change operation. 

Which is a very long way from this gay actor's most iconic, TV role as the womanising Barney. 

I like to think that through amazing performances like this, including the passionate pash that NPH gives his husband at the end of the performance, help to break down stereotypes and make gay, bisexual and transgender people more visible. More accepted. 

It's not that long ago that a kiss between two gay men would not have been tolerated on American TV - even at the Tonys ! 

So I applaud you both Hugh and Neil. In all your sequined, award winning, glitter glory. 

New York City - Top of The Empire State Building - November 2003

Important to note that I did have the hair cut to go with my new found lesbianism !!!

Neil Patrick  as Hedwig at the 2014 Tony Awards. Brilliant !